Smartx Eyewear

Titan EyeX Smart Eyeglass Frames are the latest offering from Smartx Eyewear. Smartx Eyewear is dedicated to bringing our customers the very latest in cutting edge innovations in eyeglass frame and lens technology. We are proud to introduce Titan EyeX Smart Frames in partnership with Titan Eye+, a leading global optical brand. Titan Eye+ is part of the Titan Company, a global conglomerate that owns brands such as Jaguar and Range rover.

The Titan Company is world’s 5th largest watch maker and India’s largest eyewear brand. It is still prudent enough to listen to customer and deliver global leading products, while still a global brand leader.

Titan’s parent company Tata group owns Tata consultancy and many more global companies. Tata group is one of the largest global companies with a net worth greater than $100 billion.